Amphastar is seeking to develop product candidates in large markets with high technical barriers to entry that leverage our skills and competitive advantages within five (5) technical platforms:



Immunogenicity for complex molecules;

Sustained release;

Peptide / proteins / rDNA; and

Particle Engineering.


Amphastar will continue its focus on developing:


Difficult to produce products, such as emulsions and suspensions;

Generic products with a significant market, but with no available API;

New products with a unique marketing niche; and

New delivery systems for well established products.


Some of the products Amphastar has chosen to develop are on the FDA’s shortage list or are products that have been off patent, but have not been pursued by other companies because they are technically difficult to develop or manufacture.


Amphastar intends to continue to develop and grow its pipeline as it continues to organically grow and diversify as a company.




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